Once upon a time, a long long time ago (ok, so it was 2005), a couple of wise young gentlemen were spending their afternoon appreciating the arts and socializing with a plethora of Dallas’ cultural elite when the mutually appreciated topic of cooking came up. Being culinarily oriented, these fine young gentlemen went about debating the accepted method of preparing a potato for baking: fifty hours in the oven or six minutes in the nuke-o-matic.

“You just have to fork it!,” exclaimed one of the gentlemen; and thus the legend began.

Within days, the skull and cross-forks logo (version 1.0 for those keeping track) made an appearance and the worldwide sweep began. A forum, shirts, even a Futbalito team: the Forkers were well-represented.

Twelve years later and the world is a very different place. Facebook reigns supreme, we now have a Slack, but the forum is still a mainstay (even if it is only filled with eCrickets). Logo version 2.0 seemed like a natural progression and there is even version 1.5 and 3.0 that we have up our sleeves. Sure, it starts with pins, stickers and shirts, but it has the potential for soooo much more.

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