wanna run better? do yoga

It's time to flex your tines and get out on the road, Forker 5K's are just the beginning!

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wanna run better? do yoga

Postby katie » Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:06 am

oh, hey. so you all know i've been doing yoga for the past month and three quarters because i don't shut up about it. jason's started running again and i've never felt better physically in my life, so i decided to join him tonight on a 2-mile run through the neighborhood.

previously, the fastest mile average i've hit was ~18 minutes. tonight, i ran two miles in 25 minutes, or 12.5 minute miles. in under two months, i shaved 5.5 minutes off my mile.

now, who wants to come to yoga with me? :D

(p.s. i hope this doesn't come off braggy. i'm just really excited and quite frankly SHOCKED.)
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